Website: www.5to50.com.au

5to50 is a franchise business model for licensed builders focusing on small building jobs with a value between $5,000 and $250,000. Our current average size job is $50,000.

5to50 has developed industry-specific systems and procedures and then combines these with simple but powerful software and technology, equipping licensed builders to run a successful small building business.

In fact, we like to say that through 5to50 we teach our franchisees the essential Four R’s in business: Reduce the Risks and Raise the Returns.

Even better, we get you. 5to50 was founded by a licensed builder for licensed builders, with one aim: to help fellow licensed builders be successful small business owners.

Franchisees are set up with full accounting and our 5to50 Buildermate Workflow software, then we can immerse them in our Four R’s training where they will learn the essential aspects of running a successful small, profitable building business.

Franchisees have access and support across all levels of running their business, whether a quick phone call or a sit down demonstration of software or estimating.

As a 5to50 Licensed Builder you’re never alone.