BEAL Certification Service Limited



BEAL is the acronym for ‘Building Element Assessment Laboratory’. Commencing product assessments in 2004, is it two entities covering product testing and certification throughout Australasia. The two main services are BEAL Testing Services and BEAL Certification Service producing CodedMark Certification and Appraisals

BEAL has developed expertise covering exterior envelope products, roof systems, waterproofing membranes, window and door assessments.The Principal Building Scientist, Colin Prouse, has more than 30 years in the building and assessment fields.

With widespread risk aversion by councils and certifiers to accept new building products without proof of compliance, in either Australia or New Zealand, BEAL has developed a global network of independent experts and laboratories that allows for the efficient assessment and provision of proof of compliance.

BEAL also conducts private research. Entities interested in improving their product can approach BEAL with ideas and describe what they are requiring.

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