BoscoLighting is Australia’s leading LED lighting solution provider, specialising in manufacturing high quality LED lights. We supply an extensive range of LED lights for indoor and outdoor use. At BoscoLighting, we are committed to developing emerging state-of-the-art LED light technology that is not only highly beneficial for the environment, but also provide our customers with a long term, maintenance free solution.

BoscoLighting’s LED lights are developed and designed to be used for any kind of creative flexibility while offering enormous savings in energy use.

Our LED lights are designed to embrace and highlight architectural shapes perfectly and are formed to fit a wide variety of different applications. The LED lighting range come in multiple colours and shapes to choose from, with a diversity of components to create bold designs and attractive accent lighting. BoscoLighting’s long life LED solutions deliver exceptional performance for the illumination of building structures and architectural elements. We can form our light products into almost any shape to direct light where you may require it. Our lights maintain brightness and reflect true colour.

Our lighting solutions can illuminate an entire building while lowering operating costs and reducing your environmental impact.