BOSS Passive Fire



Construction companies around the world are now taking the initiative to install BOSS systems into their projects and are reaping the benefits of their decision.

BOSS Fire’s unrivalled dedication to their customers, elevates their confidence by identifying the specific product they need and through advice and information, help them manage the fire protection of their services themselves.

Through the development of advanced intumescent technologies, BOSS has demystified the field of passive fire protection and installation procedures, tapping into a large audience of customers at the developer, building trades and sub-contractor level. This audience is broad and seeks technical information that’s easy to understand. Thankfully, BOSS’s products offers improvements in both the level of compliance and cost of finished installation, making BOSS a popular choice for the passive specialist and general trades alike.

Working together with major Tier 1 construction companies, BOSS Fire constantly raises the bar in product innovation, cost and service. Developing systems that are cost-effective, eliminate non-compliant risks and provide solutions to complicated construction applications.  The newest development of the BOSS FyreBox™ led to BOSS Fire winning the FPAA’s Project of the Year title.

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