BRAFORD INDUSTRIES – Creative and efficient use of timber products.

For over 20 years, Braford has been involved in both the Australian and New Zealand markets for timber workflow and barcode tagging, construction solutions and fastening options. Drawing on unmatched industry experience, the consistent Braford approach has been to add value through sourcing the latest technologies for creative and efficient use of timber products.

Braford assist businesses by procuring “complete solutions” and then delivering reliable supply of all consumables required for those systems.

Solutions Include:

RAPTOR® composite polymer staples, nails, and specialty fasteners can be cut and sanded without damaging router bits, saw blades and sanding belts, and provide complete corrosion resistance. 

LignoLoc™ is the first ever fireable wooden nail for future-oriented use in industrial production and ecological timber construction. LignoLoc wooden nails are made from indigenous beech wood and boast a tensile strength similar to aluminium nails.

The Timber Tagger® is a patented tool that, when attached to a pneumatic staple gun, can advance, cut and staple tags with a single pull of the trigger.

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