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Builders Base Australia is a news, events & industry aggregation site. We also highlight products and services that are NEW, IMPROVED and RELEVANT and bring all this and more into one easy to find place.

BASE Media is our video production service and will be available at Sydney Build to capture your presence & extend your reach by taking it online 24/7 with your own promotional video.

By capturing your video at Sydney Build, it provides the ideal backdrop to showcase your product or service, brand and your team. It allows your nominated spokesperson to tell your story in a very authentic and personal way. This method is proven to help create a relationship with your target audience who may not have had the opportunity to attend the expo themselves.

Your video will be hosted on the Sydney Build 2018 website after the event, the Builders Base Australia website and YouTube Channel – along with your website. Suddenly your stand at the Sydney Build 2018 Expo has now opened up your offering to not only the entire Australian market, but in fact the global market.

Bookings are limited. For more information email new website launching 27 Feb 2018. Or see for a sneak preview.

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