eHat is a Melbourne based start-up. We have developed an industry approved hard hat that has live video streaming capability. We have a working prototype and late last year were testing the eHat with a major miners in Western Australia.

In effect you could have someone on site wearing the eHat, they can turn on the eHat and communicate with their boss or expert who could be in another state, thousands of kilometres away. The person at the other end can see what the person on site is seeing and they can also have a two-way conversation.

eHat makes it easier and faster to troubleshoot problems in the field. eHat can also be used for in the field training and refresher skill updates. The eHat can also be used for recording, either for audit or training purposes.

The advantage of eHat is that since you are wearing the eHat, the video follows your eyes, allowing the receiver to see exactly what your seeing in real time.

We are presently taking pre-orders and intend on manufacturing our fist batch of 40 later in 2017.

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