Jotun Australia Pty Ltd



The Jotun Group is one of the world’s top 10 leading manufacturers; Jotun supplies a complete range of conventional and sophisticated coatings, including environmentally friendly products in four sectors: Decorative, Marine Protective and Powder coatings.

Jotun is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings, specialising in corrosion protection and passive fire protection of steel. We offer a wide range of products coupled with expert advice and guidance in the following business areas:

Protective Coatings for Heavy Industries i.e. LNG Refineries, Factories, processing mills. Offshore and onshore facilities and structures i.e. Drilling Rigs and Fixed Platforms. Storage tanks (Internal & External linings), mining and processing plants as well as shipping. Smelting, Chemical, Petrochemical, Water and Sewerage.

The group has 71 companies and 40 production facilities on all continents. In addition, Jotun has agents, branch offices and distributors in more than 80 countries. Jotun’s operations cover development, production, marketing and sales of various paint systems and products to protect and decorate surfaces in the residential, shipping and industrial markets. Jotun has 8,000 employees with its head office is located in Sandefjord, Norway.

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