Kordon® Termite Management System from Bayer is a flexible and durable laminate sheet that is applied to critical areas of your home during the construction process, in order to protect your home from termites trying to enter through underground tunnels. Kordon Termite Barrier achieves this through:

  • Providing a physical and chemical barrier between your home and the soil beneath.
  • Kordon is comprised of two layers of robust flexible laminate, with a chemical called Deltamethrin in between, which is highly repellent to termites.
  • Kordon is installed under your home during the construction process and layered into areas where termites may seek easy access to your home.
  • Termites, unable to enter your home via underground means, are forced to travel above ground where their over ground tunnels are visible.
  • This ensures termites will be detectable by a Bayer Accredited Pest Control professional during the annual inspection where the appropriate steps can be taken towards protecting your home from termites.
  • Bayer offers an exclusive $1M Bayer Protection Program warranty to protect you against termite damage.
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