Oakfair Industrial Ltd


Website: www.oakfairladder.com

Oakfair Industrial Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company under the companies Act of Hongkong in 1990. Oakfair is a professional manufacturer and trader in designing and producing various types of ladders for industrial and household purpose, scaffolding products for construction industry, aluminum & Zinc die casting products. Oakfair is certified to MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. We manufacture high quality ladders to supply the domestic and the international market. The company strongly emphasizes research and development in its business growth. Oakfair is committed to be the professional manufacturer and trader of access equipment guided by the following issues: l Provide high quality products and services; l Meet market need and customer satisfaction; l Meet delivery accuracy; l Providing skill for continuous improvement. l All our products match with ANSI,CSA, European standard and Australian standard.

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