Website: www.ozroll.com.au

The Ozroll Group is an Australian manufacturer; family owned with a passion for developing environmentally friendly home improvement products.  A specific focus on wholesale means relationships are important. With this in mind, Ozroll views distributors as partners and this is evident with the support on offer to thousands of outlets nationwide.

With the intention of diversifying at every opportunity, The Ozroll Group is already a well respected participant in an array of markets, including premium grade Aluminium Roller Shutters, Aluminium Louvre Shutters and Screens, Plantation Shutters, Paints, Renders, Textures and Roof Coatings.

Ozroll takes pride in an ever growing national work force, currently in excess of 200 personnel, operating from facilities in South Australia and Queensland. Plus, offices in Germany provide a base for export, where Australian products are distributed into the European market.

As an Australian manufacturer, great emphasis is placed on sourcing as many materials as possible from within our country, to ensure a high quality finish, while maintaining control over each and every process.