PRO9 Global Pty Ltd



Pro9 Global is an innovative Australian company that manufactures prefabricated, precision building systems that have the potential to reduce building costs and construction timeframes. Pro9 Global’s modular construction systems are suitable for a range of building applications. The low cost, prefabricated building systems have the potential to significantly improve the speed of construction, quality of the build, and the energy efficiency and liveability of the building. Pro9 Global’s Structural Wall System is multi-storey load bearing. The wall system consists of four key components – steel framing, external proprietary ProBoard (magnesium sulphate cement board) polyurethane core and patent pending interlocking system. The steel frame and outer layer of ‘ProBoard’ is filled with polyurethane, which is hot injected under high pressure to create a relatively lightweight, but strong, wall with high energy saving properties.