PRO9 Systems



Pro9 Systems is an innovative building company which has engineered a highly advanced, precision building system that significantly reduces the time and cost of constructing a residential home.

Pro9 Systems manufactures world-leading thermally insulated, load bearing wall panels and European profile double-glazed windows.

The insulated wall panels are steel reinforced, with a polyurethane core and magnesium sulphate cement board coating. Wall panels are engineered for strength and are rated amongst the highest in the world for thermal and acoustic efficiency.

In addition to its suite of quality building products, Pro 9 Systems has engineered several patent-pending mechanised installation processes to facilitate rapid and precise construction.

Pro9 Systems’ patent-pending semi-robotic wall crane allows a three-person installation team to construct walls more than eight times faster than traditional bricklayers.

The company has also pioneered mechanised engineering solutions for second storey construction and boundary walls within narrow, small or tight blocks.

Customers will experience the efficient and transparent delivery of building products via a continuous tracking system from order through to delivery on site.