SADO GROUP is proud to be the top Vietnamese company manufacturing a variety of superior glass products such as tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, ceramic printed glass and interior – exterior decorative glass. Moreover, SADO GROUP is also the first manufacturer in Vietnam to produce laminated glass, tempered glass and insulated glass with jumbo size (from 2900 x 5200 mm to 3300 x 6000 mm). The company adheres strictly to the principles of superior glass processing under European standards. Our products always gain the most outstanding quality and features. For example, tempered glass has to pass the Heat – Soak Test in order that it will not break naturally after being assembled into structures. In respect of double and triple glazing, aluminium spacer bars have to be filled with desiccants, high purity Argon gas or other special inert gases to maximize sound and thermal insulation. Regarding aluminium products, SADO GROUP imported aluminium production line from RAPID such as CNC Alustar, DGL 250, etc to process superior products such as doors, windows, partitions and facades for high-rise buildings. Thanks to the high capacity machineries, SADO GROUP is proud of manufacturing maximal types of glass meeting the urgent demand of large-scale construction projects and are exported to Europe, The United States, Australia, etc. All of the products meet international standards and the best warranty policy.