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Studio 5253 Australia



STUDIO 5253 is a leading 3D Architectural Visualisation studio producing architectural presentation material for property projects Australia wide. STUDIO 5253 specializes in hyper-realistic 3D rendering, animation and interactive solutions for the building and design industries. We have done classy 3D rendering and Visualisation work along with BIM Modelling using Revit for AEC Industries and can send Revit samples if needed. STUDIO 5253 can start any project of any size in standard or express time frames. Our studios are based in Sydney and Wellington. STUDIO 5253 supports major Property Developers, Architects, Engineers and Governments in visualising their dreams of the future and realising them to the community. Our 3D products are used in achieving Development. Approvals with councils and selling off the plan. It is highly likely you have seen many of the 3D products we have created in projects around you.