SPRING was found and located  in  Hayward  ,  California USA  .
Our partner factory  was  established  in  1991  in  Kaiping  City,Guangdong – one of the biggest and famous  production  base  for  taps  and  fittings in China .
We specialize  in  sanitary  products  ,  bathroom  accessories  ,  ceramic sanitary ware  ,  and  bathroom  cabinets  .
To  meet  different  region  standards  our products  are  certified  with
CUPC  ,  NSF  ,  AB1953  ,  WaterSense  for North America and Watermarks,WELS for Australia and  CE  for  the European market  .
Our  brand  values  are  quality  ,  design  ,  technology and  sustainability  .  Therefore  ,  as  a  company  that  delivers  water  to residential  and commercial  buildings  and  as  environmental  concerns have risen  ,  we have  made  our  number one  priority  to  accelerate  the transition  to  a better  sustainable  ecosystem  by  creating  innovative products  in  design and  technology  .  Our  diverse  selections  of  quality kitchen  and  Bath products  as well as  accessories  are  design  to  meet different  standards  as well as  customer  satisfaction.

We want to be your supplier. It will be a good memory to have business with your sincerely company.

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