Tradewrap is part of the Maincom Group ,established in 1993 .

We are the approved Installer for Dr.Shrink the leading International Shrinkwrap Supplier.

Tradewrap provides a supply and installation solution  for various markets including :

 – Shrink Wrapping for Scaffolding & Construction

A construction site can be a vulnerable place. Whether it’s the construction of a new building or renovation/add-on to an existing one, there’s the risk of weather eroding all the hard work or ceasing it for a long period of time.  For rain entering the structure causing potential damage and loss of time during building projects, Shrink Wrapping provides a high quality solution for the construction sector .

 – Shrink Wrapping for Boats/Marine & Recreation

It’s waterproof– it can fully encapsulate just about anything and can cover an entire flatbed loads and boats 60’+ boats with one piece

 – Shrink Wrapping for Shipping and Transportation

This includes:

– Modular Homes
– Military tanks or helicopters
– Power equipment
– Trains

For specific enquires please contact:

Adrian Morton
Group Business Development Manager
Phone: +61 412 522 476

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