Trafalgar is a privately owned Australian company celebrating over 70 years of experience in passive fire protection. Our knowledge and experience within the passive fire protection industry is unparalleled and we pride ourselves on our dedication to local manufacturing.

Trafalgar produce and sell a vast range of passive fire protection products and systems, fire-rated and metal access panels and hazardous goods cabinets – with Fyrebox leading the way in pioneering technology.

Fyrebox allows for multiple and mixed services to pass through it, in close vicinity to each other, with proven fire-testing eliminating the need for 200mm separation between adjacent services. The Fyrebox system ensures that all services are adequately fire stopped; a positive impact being that Fyrebox is a permanent system and will not require fire-stopping again for the life of the building.

Our Fyrebox Range Includes:

  • Fyrebox Slab-Mounted
  • Fyrebox Cast-In
  • Fyrebox Maxi
  • Fyrebox Mini

Market leadership is maintained through Trafalgar’s ongoing research and development program, one that looks at both new and emerging fire safety technologies and innovative system and application designs.


T: 1800 888 714


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