Website: www.unibuild.com

Unibuild is an applied building research company specialising in offsite modular prefabricated projects.

The Unbuild system converts “traditional” design to “modular” design which enables the construction process to engage in maximum offsite prefabrication.

Since 1968 some 400 client projects in Australia and overseas have been designed/constructed using this process.

The Unibuild system has managed to eliminate most “traditional” building materials and trades in favour of insulated precast panels for floors, walls, roofs and other structural components which are considerably lighter, stronger and cheaper than the norm.

The Unibuild Technology is being offered for sale under license to design and construct practitioners wanting to convert from “traditional” to offsite “modular” construction.

There is also an opportunity for a Company to acquire a Unibuild Technology Master License for worldwide technology transfer.

The Unibuild Technology package available for transfer can be seen at www.unibuild.com.

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