“A new era of fire safety in the UK following the Grenfell Tower tragedy”


The Grenfell Tower fire on June 14th 2017 was Britain's worst fire disaster since the Blitz. The UK's current building regulation system has spectacularly failed under the most tragic of circumstances. The UK's approach to fire safety  and the design, construction and management of buildings will never be the same again.

Since the Grenfell Tower disaster 82 buildings in the UK have failed new fire safety tests and an Independent Review led by Dame Judith Hackitt has been initiated. Until the review is complete the scrutiny placed on government, local authorities, the construction industry and landlords will be greater than ever amid a national expectation of increased accountability and significant reform.


The Fire Safety Summit at London Build will bring together central & local government, the construction industry, landlords and fire safety experts to discuss, prepare and plan for a new era of fire safety in London and the UK. Learn of the latest developments and solutions through our interactive panel discussion, presentations and Q&A with key decision makers and experts. 

The summit is completely free to attend and every presentation and training workshop will be CPD accredited, so make sure you register your team today to earn all of your CPD points over the two days on the 25th & 26th October. 

  • Multiple conference floors featuring presentations, briefing sessions and panel discussions from a wide range of speakers
  • CPD-accredited training workshops covering fire prevention, technology, health & safety, best practice and more
  • International case studies into successful fire safety initiatives abroad
  • The opportunity for delegates to receive further training, support and education into their responsibilities and understanding of fire prevention & safety
  • Networking opportunities with a wide range of professionals from the fire service, government, construction industry and fire experts


25th October


UK Fire Safety in the Wake of Grenfell Tower

  • The Independent Review 
  • Ensuring no matter what the cost the Grenfell Tower disaster is never repeated
  • An assessment of how the current building regulation system has failed
  • Ensuring cooperation and dialogue between the fire service, construction industry, public sector and private landlords
  • The future outlook for building safety in London and the UK: what can we expect?


PANEL DISCUSSION: Regulating the Design, Construction and Management of Buildings


The Role of Local Authorities and Housing Associations

  • Newly defined roles and expectation of local government
  • What changes and new measures can be expected?
  • Lessons from Grenfell
  • A new era or accountability
  • Case studies


High Rise Residential Buildings

  • Unique challenges to high rise buildings
  • Improving and strengthening building control mechanisms
  • Fire risk assessments that are fit for purpose
  • The future role and responsibilities of landlords
  • Staffing levels, sprinklers, misting systems and other factors to address


PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the Main Risk Factors in London When Ensuring Fire Safety in 2017 and Beyond?

Understanding Our Responsibilities and the Risk of Prosecutions

  • How are calls for great accountability likely to be implemented in future?
  • Ensuring you are aware of your responsibilities
  • Delivering greater transparency, training and dialogue
  • What can and should individuals be doing to fulfil their responsibilities


New Fire Safety Tests for Cladding and Insulation

  • An analysis of the results of recent tests


Working With Private Landlords

  • Ensuring effective cooperation and support with private landlords
  • Challenges to expect when working with the private sector
  • Best practice and case studies


PANEL DISCUSSION: A Cross-Industry Debate into the Future of Fire Safety in the UK

  • Views from the fire service
  • Views from the construction industry
  • Views from the government
  • Views from international experts


The Grenfell Tower Public Enquiry

  • How will it work
  • Dates
  • Terms of reference


BRIEFING SESSION: Addressing Compliance and Enforcement issues

International Case Studies

  • Case studies from a range of countries abroad


26th October


WORKSHOP 1: Fire Safety Design of Tall Buildings


WORKSHOP 2: Advanced Fire Safety Risk Assessments


WORKSHOP 3: Understanding Fire Risk in Residential Properties


WORKSHOP 4: Building Construction: Structure, Protection and Maintenance


WORKSHOP 5: Understanding Fire doors and Sprinkler Systems


WORKSHOP 6: Best Practice in Fire Safety Knowledge and Training


WORKSHOP 7: The Role of New Technology

Grenfell Tower Fire Safety
Grenfell Tower Fire Safety
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