Sydney Build is kicking off the Christmas season with updated announcements for the much anticipated VIP ‘Meet The Buyers’ Panel & networking sessions. There will be five separate sessions spanning the two-day expo (10th – 11th March), to cater to every professional in the construction field.

In acknowledgment of the different types of construction developers, there will be two “Meet the Developers” sessions. The first will focus on the commercial & infrastructure sector and will be grouped together with “Meet the Government”, where key government officials will discuss the future development of Australia, as well as investment opportunities for contractors and suppliers during the panel discussion. This session will commence from 11 am on day 1. The second will have a residential focus, taking place at the same time on day 2.

There will be two “Meet the Architects” sessions, since current registrations have proven them to be very popular. These sessions will occur in the afternoons of both day 1 and day 2 from 1 pm. Attendees can take part in either one or both days, depending on which workshops and conferences they would like to attend. After the “Meet the Architects” session on the 10th, day 1 will close with the “Meet the Contractors” session starting from 3:20 pm. These five VIP sessions aim to bring together the leading architects, contractors and developers from across Sydney and NSW region, to discuss the latest trends in the industry and promote innovation for the future of construction.

A key trend in Australia’s construction industry is environmental protection and sustainable building. Good Environmental Choice Australia’s (GECA) is a key organisation in this movement, as the only non-profit multi-sector eco-labelling program in Australia. Kate Harris, former CEO of Centre for Sustainability Leadership, has been appointed as the new CEO of GECA to focus on building relationships. This is part of their new strategic mission to become a leader for sustainable production and increasingly promote sustainability to businesses across Australia, through greater collaboration with other eco-labelling organisations.

Gordon Renouf, Chair of GECA has expressed that “with her vision, passion for sustainability and leadership qualities Kate is the perfect choice”. Kate Harris will be speaking at the Building Solutions & Sustainable Building Workshop on day two of the Sydney Build Expo, to discuss the alternative futures for infrastructure in Australia.