Sustainable Architects and Building Designers Showcase The Creative Use of Certified Products

Conference March 15, 2018 1:00 pm - 1:20 pm

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David Baggs

The use of integrated design with certified products yields supreme, long term results for clients, in terms of healthy living and working spaces, energy efficiency and overall building performance. There is of course also the value that exemplar sustainable building design also achieves in meeting it’s core purpose in the protection and preservation of the environment and all natural and living systems.

In this session for Sydney Building 2018, Global GreenTag’s CEO and Program Director, David Baggs, interviews four outstanding, Australian professionals who have made sustainable building projects their sole practices. Together they discuss:

  • The performance and supply chain benefits of integrative design with certified products.
  • The hot terminology of the sustainable design sector – and what it actually means.
  • The issues of what’s missing for people in the Australian building professions and trades who are not yet embracing a more ardent sustainability business agenda for the built environment.

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