The Sustainable Way Forward: To Build To Procure To Specify

Conference March 15, 2018 1:00 pm - 1:20 pm

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David Baggs
Brett Hazlett
Eminè Mehmet
Robin Mellon
Andy Marlow

This session follows how a building can go up without sustainability being a casualty. The use of integrated design and certified building products are often talked about but what does that mean to you? Brett Hazlett questions a panel of construction industry practitioners, including David Baggs, CEO and Technical Director of Global GreenTag International to uncover fundamental principles that will ensure how and why all building projects can be guided by a sustainability compass.

  • Identify resources for sustainable building practice
  • Improve your supply chain intelligence and how to look for the critical signs and implications in the procurement process
  • Compare differences between the leading building rating schemes and how to structure workloads to fit in with the different programs
  • Learn how to critique quickly the differences between certified and uncertified products.
  • Identifying and using integrated design principles in a building project to select products that produce significant and beneficial outcomes.

Joining the panel will be practitioners Eminè Mehmet , CEO of WELL Space, Robin Mellon, CEO of Supply Chain Sustainability School and Andy Marlow, Director of Envirotecture

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