Industrial Galvanizers

Industrial Galvanizers is Australia's largest hot-dip galvanizing company and a recognised leader in corrosion protection of steel, operating eight sites across four Eastern Australian States.

Industrial Galvanizers’ galvanizing plants are strategically located close to major construction and industrial hubs. Our structural plants can apply a tough zinc coating to large steel fabrications; and three spin plants specialise in coating large volumes of smaller components including fasteners, hinges, washers, brackets and reinforcing steel.

Industrial Galvanizers provide services to a diverse range of industry sectors including commercial and residential construction; infrastructure; manufacturing; mining; defence; oil; gas and agriculture. All our sites are also open to the public and accept smaller projects from fabricators or hobbyists.  

Industrial Galvanizers provides FAST service and quality outcomes; our turnaround time is just a few days and The Silver Bullet® service guarantees next day delivery. Our trained and experienced staff provide can arrange transport and product packaging as well as specialist coating solutions. Industrial Galvanizers also offers FREE advice on design, and information about hot-dip galvanized steel characteristics or performance specifications.

Corrosion protection from Industrial Galvanizers is FAST, LONG-LASTING and COST-EFFECTIVE.

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