Why Exhibit at Sydney Build Expo?

Sydney Build Expo is the industry-leading event for the construction, design, architecture and building management industries. At the show we have four events running simultaneously: Sydney Build,  Future Sydney Summit, BIM & Digital Construction Summit and Women in Construction.

Over two days we will be bringing together 120+ industry leading speakers, 60+ supporting partners, thousands of attendees and 200+ exhibitors from across Sydney, New South Wales and Australia.

Exhibiting at the event is the ideal way to get your brand in front of thousands of decision makers from across the industry.


  • 14-15 March 2019, Sydney Royal Hall of Industries & The Hordern Pavilion. Click Here to Register Your Free Ticket.
  • Australia’s leading Construction, Architecture & Design Exhibition & Conferences
  • 120+ Senior Speakers at our Free Conference, Workshops, Partner Sessions  & Live Demos
  • Thousands of Attendees will be joining us from across Australia
  • 200+ Exhibitors within 5 zones
  • Women in Construction Conference
  • The Digital Construction and BIM Summit
  • The Future Sydney Summit
  • Reconciliation in Construction Summit


  • Architects
  • BIM Managers
  • Builder Merchants
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Digital Construction Professionals
  • Distributors
  • Engineers
  • Equipment Buyers
  • Government
  • House Builders
  • Industry Associations
  • Industry  and Government Bodies & Media
  • Infrastructure Professionals
  • Interior Designers & Fit-out
  • Investors
  • Landscape Architects
  • Local & National Government
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Plant Managers
  • Specifiers
  • Subcontractors
  • Main Contractors
  • View Full Info on Attendees Here


  1. How we ensure our exhibitors meet the right people
    We research and invite industry professionals such as Architects, Developers, Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Construction Managers, Builders, Tradies, Government personnel and others, to participate the event and meet our exhibitors allowing them valuable face-to-face networking opportunities.

2. Effective way to generate sales
Sydney Build provides our exhibitors a great platform to develop business relationships, gathering relevant leads, showcasing latest products and technologies. Two days of concentrated networking with the right target audience allows our exhibitors to achieve the equivalent of two months of work.

3. Free to attend Conferences and Summits, High-level Speakers and Contents
One of our main attractions for Sydney Build are our high-level conferences and summits. We have a strong line up of senior level speakers giving insights and discussing on hot topics within the industry. Unlike most of the other shows in Australia, all the conferences and summits are free to attend attracting big crowds of audiences from the industry.

4. Modern Event, Business focused, Relax atmosphere 
Experiences with our Build series Internationally, we run our events modernly, creating a comfortable atmosphere. By having different types of entertainment like live music, prize draws, giveaways and drinks, building a relaxing vibe for the event. Still being business focused, it provides a better environment for our exhibitors to interact with the attendees while also maintaining the attendee's interests keeping them at the event ensuring traffic throughout the day.

5. Promotions from industry partners and media partners
Partnered with us are great industry associations and media partners supporting and promoting the event and our exhibitors.

6.  Advertising across Australia
Sydney Build puts resources into paid advertising such as radio, digital and print campaigns.

7. Comprehensive show guides
The Sydney Build show guide is distributed to thousands of attendees and includes information about exhibitors, exhibitors adverts, speakers, conference and workshop content, supporting partner organizations and media partners etc.

8. International exposure
Our international build series covers the UK, USA, New Zealand, Scotland and Africa. We are able to provide our exhibitors with exposure overseas if it is of interest to expand into other countries.

9. E-newsletters, press releases, industry updates
We regularly update our contacts, registered attendees, press and construction professionals via our Industry Updates, E-newsletters and Press Releases.

10. Social media promotion
Sydney Build is very active on social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram etc. We love interacting with our online followers and updating them with our exciting news frequently. Follow us!

11. Lack contacts, competitor & market knowledge? No Problem
The event will help you research market conditions and the latest activities of your competitors, whilst simultaneously providing an insight into new products being launched in Sydney.

Business done at the event

''Yes, Hundreds of Thousands''
Dylan Jones, Project Consultant, Markham
''Yes, 10% Increase''
Tara Tighe, Office Coordinator, Ultraflow
Mitchell Wallace, Retail, Turner Hastings
Ashley Chand, Architectual Consultatnt, Turner Hastings
Diptnkar Choudhury, BDM, Pyrozon

11. Lack contacts, competitor & market knowledge? No Problem
The event will help you research market conditions and the latest activities of your competitors, whilst simultaneously providing an insight into new products being launched in Sydney.

Attendees Feedback 2016

“Sydney Build allowed me to meet and make contact with people involved across the breadth of the building industry, which will contribute to the ongoing opportunities and growth of my practice.

Melonie Bayl-Smith, Director, Bijl Architecture

“There were very informative conference/workshop sessions, well worth coming.

Sarah Jones, Business Development Manager, New England Constructions

“The Sydney expo was a great opportunity to meet partners and colleagues, discuss current initiatives and see the latest innovations. Well worth attending.

Gareth Collins, NSW President, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects & Principle Manager Centre for Urban Design, Roads and Maritime Services

“It was great to get access to so many companies.

Rob Fischer, Marketing, Redstack

“Positive show, we found new technologies and new suppliers.”

Jeremy Searle, Owner / Manager, South West Building

“It’s marvelous, I learnt a lot and met a lot of people related to the home and construction industry.”

Corazon Tan, Real Estate Licence, Corazon Tan

“The workshop is great and the exhibition provided a lot of information.”

Ping Hu, Managing Director, Best living Pty

Exhibitor Feedback 2017

''The Show for us was very successful and a very well-put together event and we look forward to next year's event.''
Boss Fire, Booth 106  (Sydney Build 2017)
''Good range of trade professionals. Great flow of people through both days. Even staff have been very friendly and helpful.''
Intrim, Booth 46 (Sydney Build 2017)
''First time we participated of a very good quality clientele. We are looking to participate in Auckland Build and Hopefully next year in Sydney!''
Auckland Build Exhibitor
''This is the first time we've been to Sydney. We've come from Turkey. We got a lot of visits from contractors and architects. Maybe the re-sellers and deals will come later. In general we are happy to prototype in the show. Thank you.''
Stonewrap, Booth 19 (Sydney Build 2017)
''Good foot traffic, All in all a well run show, Great stuff!''
FrameCad, Booth 18 (Sydney Build 2017)




Attendees Feedback 2017

''Organisation of event was very good, layout of displays work well, and 2 workshops & conferences give excellent choice and diversity.''
Caroline Lawrence, Team Leader, NPWS Office Environment & Heritage
''A Large range of tech and building materials.''
Samat Pal, Manager
''The networking was great, always nice to meet new people in the industry.''
Mustafa Hoscyin, Director, Skyrock Constructions
''The speakers at the event were really good.''
Lupy Sompie, Consultant, Tracey Brushman & hananal
''The workshops were really buzzing. The booths seemed to be pretty well set up and there were a large amount of visitors.''
Corey Walker, Production Manager, Olive Media 
''The Presentations were very good.''
Martyne Preston, BIM Manager, Acor Consultants
''The calmness and fluidity of the event was great to experience, as well as the seminars.''
Renae Mcelligott, Digital Marketing, Trans Tasmin Media
''Workshops were great.''
Sam Leonardi, Pre-construction Manager, Flicker- Anticimex
''The Workshops were very busy. Whole expo was very busy – lots of attendees.''
Jason Enders, CEO, Olive Media
''A very well presented event.''
Russ Graul, Builder
''The amount and variety of exhibitions on show was very impressive.''
Anthony Murphy, BIM Consultant, Norman Design and Young
''The Presentations were very good.''
Mazin Zoro, Director, AZ Engineering Consulting
''Was good to see the digital innovations that companies are incorporating.''
Adam Hannauch, Building Designer, UTS 
''The event as a whole was very well run.''
Don Cameron, Manager of BIM Systems, John Holland
''The workshops were great!''
Ahmad Mrogan, Architect Manager
''Everyone was very friendly and the event was well-presented.''
Malcom Wheeler, Builder, M.J.Wheeler


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